Introduction to B Technology

Introduction to B Technology

The B Technology course is one of the latest computer courses in South Korea. It was created by Seo Kyoung-Soo, a Korean computer expert. Together with his team of six students, Seo developed the course to teach basic skills of using a computer and its related technologies. Students can choose to take the B Technology course either on a full time or part-time basis. It is also offered online.


The B course is divided into five lessons. These are Intro, Sorts, Programming, Networking, and Storage. You can take these as many times as you like but it is not recommended that you take them all at once. The first lesson introduced the students to computers and technology. It explained to the students how a computer is used from a hardware perspective, from a software perspective, and also from a networking perspective.


In the second lesson, students were taught how to select a specific program. After that, they were given some simple examples of programs and how to use them. For the next lesson, they were given a hands-on experience with how to develop a program from scratch. This is when they were given real-life projects that they have to complete.


In the third lesson, students were shown some web pages that they have to browse through and click on. Once they click, they have to enter data. When they have completed their tasks, they have passed their tests. At the end of the course, they will be given a final exam.


The four-day B Technology course is ideal for students who want to learn how to use a computer without spending too much time on it. Before they begin their classes, they must have a PC or laptop that is already equipped with Microsoft Windows. A brief training video will be played to orient them on how to use the different operating systems. As they proceed to the learning stage, the videos will stop. In this stage, they will be expected to apply their learned concepts on the screen. As they work on various activities, they will be provided with instructions and points to demonstrate.


The duration of the learning phase depends on the topics covered in each lesson. If there are topics that require a longer duration, they will be discussed in the succeeding lessons. To make up for any shortfalls, there are mini-courses offered in B Technology that can be availed to fill any shortfalls left behind by a student’s previous study. Some of the areas covered in these mini-courses include application development, troubleshooting, network installation and maintenance, web server installation, and file conversion.


Although all the basic concepts in B Technology are taught, there are still some activities that are unique to its curriculum. The most common of these is project work. Upon finishing the B Technology course, students are given a set of tasks to complete in order to demonstrate their technological knowledge. These projects range from simple ones such as developing a website or creating a simple application to more complex ones involving programming. Each project has its own goal and time frame, and students are motivated to complete it within the set time frame because doing so will help them gain experience and build a strong foundation in their learning.


Students who wish to further enhance their computer skills but who do not have the time to enroll in full-time computer courses should consider taking B Technology. Because this is offered as an online course, students can learn at their own pace and schedule. It also offers flexible learning periods and a relaxed atmosphere that makes learning more enjoyable. Once a student has learned all the necessary basics, they can go on to take more complex courses that cover more advanced topics. Learning online allows for flexible schedules that allow students to continue with their current job while gaining more knowledge about computers.

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