How To Use AMP To Optimize Your Web Site For Geographic Regions

How To Use AMP To Optimize Your Web Site For Geographic Regions

Add Forms to AMP

We are often told that we need to think beyond the ‘pre-defined set of search engine requirements’ and the ‘cookbook’ of search engine optimization so that we can add more forms to AMP. The truth is that there are many places where you don’t need to restrict yourself anymore when it comes to your website, and you can make use of all sorts of innovative and advanced technologies in order to get your website a lot more attractive and successful. Add forms to AMP is one such way of making your website stand out. Let’s take a look at some other ways of doing this.


AMP and PWA – One of the easiest things that you can do with your AMP powered sites is to add CDN, or Content Delivery Network, components to it. CDN is an enabler for AMP. It means that each time that a request comes to your AMP powered website, it will be routed over the AMP network instead of directly going through the URL. This means that any of the requests that want to view your website can do so, but the request is made to the AMP servers instead. You will need to configure your amortization strategy (i.e. how much of your AMP resources go to storing content rather than serving users) so that you will only allow traffic from countries that you actually want to see.


The other thing that you can do to optimize your site for the AMP spider is to provide a mobile-first index. This is a very fancy term for a mobile search engine friendly index (or search engine friendly index as AMP uses the term). A mobile-friendly AMP is an almost foolproof way of getting your website indexed quickly on the AMP and mobile search engines. On the other hand, the opposite may also apply and you may need to build your website for the more traditional search engines and not just the AMP.


Another way to optimize your AMP pages is to add a JavaScript library to your web page that implements scroll tracking. This allows AMP spiders to follow the scroll history on every single page on your mobile website rather than following the index. Scroll tracking is also implemented in AMP/META tags to track and show relevant new page contents rather than just displaying the whole site as normal.


How can AMP make sense in a multi-national company with multiple locations? For one, if you have a product that ships to multiple locations, AMP can save you money by providing you with cost-efficient shipping for the product as well as shipping to multiple locations. How can AMP and local search be related? Well, it is pretty easy to understand the relationship. If your company ships to several countries, you can optimize your website for those countries to get the most mileage from your shipping costs.


How do you use AMP in this situation? So, let’s say that your website sells laptops and you ship to four different cities. Rather than sending each visitor to a page where they can add photos and reviews, you can create a new AMP landing page and make sure that it targets the right audience. Then you just need to make sure that when people do add photos to their review of the product they are recommending that the product be shipped to the additional cities. Once you have optimized the AMP page for the four cities and used the appropriate local search keywords to target your audience, you will see a significant increase in sales conversion.


So now that we know how to use AMP in an online advertising campaign, let’s talk about how you can write original product descriptions for your web pages. How do you write original product descriptions for your web pages? The best way to write original product descriptions is to use the Meta Description attribute with a description text box on your website rather than using the article body. For example, if you are writing an article about how to cure acne, you would write the Meta Description like this:


This will tell Google and the other major search engines that the page actually contains a description of the item rather than a list of all the things that Google can do. When a user searches for acne treatments, the user locations field will be populated with the IP address of the visitor. If you optimize your site for geographic regions, rather than user locations, you will not only optimize your site for a specific region, but you will also get more traffic from users accessing the internet from regions where your advertising will be most effective. So remember, do not underestimate the power of using AMP in your advertising campaigns.

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