Think Beyond Exact Match Keywords

Think Beyond Exact Match Keywords

If you are a small business owner or have one that is just starting out, one of the biggest things that you could be lacking is a strategy for how to think beyond exact match keywords. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think there is a need for it. When you are trying to promote and gain exposure for your website, it really isn’t all that important what the keywords are. The main thing is making sure that the content is keyword rich so that it can get picked up by the search engines.

Think Beyond Exact Match Keywords


There are a lot of tools out there that will help you do this, but some of them are better than others. One such tool that you can use is called Exact Match Keyword Analyzer. It is a free tool that allows you to see which of the exact match keywords your competitors are ranking for. This can give you a good idea as to whether or not you need to modify your strategies in order to be able to stay competitive. Of course, you should only use Exact Match Keywords to find these keywords. You don’t want to use them for anything else.


If you really want to think beyond the keywords, there is another tool that you can use. By using the Keyword Suggestion Tool, you will be able to find what other words other people are using when they are looking for the same product or service. These can be some good ideas for you to incorporate into your own campaigns. In fact, most people do not even consider all of the different ways that other people are going to be searching for the same information that you are offering.


Once you think beyond the match keywords, think about the phrases that people are going to enter into the search engines in order to find what you are offering. For example, are you going to offer car insurance in Colorado or Maryland? Think about how these phrases are going to appear on Google and in other search engines. Is the information you provide enough to show that you are for real?


Think about whether or not you need to change your overall website to match these new and interesting keywords. Some people think that it is more important to have relevant content within their site. While this is true, think beyond the box. By using a domain name that includes all of the important keywords, you will give yourself the chance to think beyond the match keywords and think about everything that a potential customer might be typing into the address bar when searching for your company.


Beyond Exact Match Keywords, consider trying to come up with unique domain names that are going to catch the eye of the customer. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, try out some alternate spellings like women’s clothes and women’s clothing accessories. If you think that your potential customers might be typing in something like “panties”, then try something like “panties bad”, which will sound more like you are trying to be creative than being original. You should also make sure that your keywords are spelled correctly. This will help you stand out above the competition.


In addition to thinking outside of the box when you are thinking about domain names, think beyond the actual phrase that you have chosen. Instead, think about what will bring traffic to your site. Using your domain names wisely can lead you to earn more money than you ever dreamed possible. If you can think beyond the words on the page then you will never have to worry about not getting ranked for the exact phrase that you are trying to rank for.


In conclusion, make sure that you do not focus all of your attention on one type of match keyword. You will end up wasting a lot of time getting ranked, and you will never make any money. Make sure that you think beyond these types of matches and think about how you can bring traffic to your site using different methods. The more ways that you think outside of the box the more money that you will actually be able to make. Make sure that you choose domain names carefully so that you will not be wasting any time getting ranked for the exact phrase that you are wanting to be ranked for.

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