Free SEO Project Management Software in 2021


there are a number of free SEO project management software like Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Linkbio, Slack, Teamwork, Google Calendar and Google Docs are the top eight software whereas best three  project management software of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which are available for free in 2021 are as follows.

  1. Asana

The idea of choosing each project management software directly depends upon how and through which ways you want to help and facilitate the clients and also which type of software you want to use. It allows the users to make a list, assigning tasks for projects, management of the deadlines, setting reminders, managing the team members/clients, communication and much more. Asana, it is an all-inclusive and one stop shop. It helps the businesses and teams to manage their workflow while strictly going with the timelines. Google Drive and Dropbox are the other third party tools with which Asana integrates while making it unified. While including the additional features and purposes, Asana makes it easier for its users to refer then which tasks they have already completed and can also adjust their dates while adhering with the deadlines and setting reminders. Specific projects are assigned to the team members by the managers by ensuring that the team members are focused on their assigned job/task. This software allows to have a lesser confusion by making the employees more conscious of increasing the overall productivity. This is a software app that is free to use. It allows to have up to fifteen users in the free version of the app. The free version allows you to utilize a basic dashboard and have an unlimited number of projects and tasks and allowing them the search access. There can be a number of unlimited users with advanced features of search capabilities, access and dashboards for the $6.25 per month. It also allows to have an enterprise version for a longer time period. The main features for free version includes of unlimited space, users, projects and tasks with their indispensable features and functions.

2.      Basecamp

Basecamp is considered to be the most reliable software in SEO project management software. It has been over a decade of this SEO software which allows and surpasses the organization to have a high level view of their team and its uniformity and performances.  It helps the businesses and agencies in digital marketing to monitor not only the tracking of the online websites but also to boost traffic and regulate it. Basecamp also assists to have more features of messaging chats directly, storing the documents in a centralized manner and is also considered to be a scheduling tool. Basecamp is the software which is useful for the team members and managers to be on track and have their professional lives on the top as it is specifically designed with a concept in mind for those agitated and hassled people. Moreover, this software app allows the companies and businesses in scheduling and tracking of their deadlines so that no projects and tasks would ever be missed. As basecamp is a free software app which allows you to do not even have an increased number of users or tasks in order to be free of cost. Though it has a fixed amount and that is flat fixed for a team and that is $99, no matter the size of the users. It is free $0 user / month.

3. Linkio

Launched in September 2017 and available since then, in the digital market of SEO software Linkbio is considered to be the one of the best management tools. This app helps in tracking of building tasks related to links which is considered to be the foundation for SEO managers and team workers. This SEO software is free of cost and allows the users to automate, plan, track, build, and report the links and campaigns. It can be used by the team members to make a huge impact on the overall performance and productivity of the organization. Due to its availability in beta phase, this app is free of cost and it is claimed by the company that the software will always be in the free version even after it is converted into beta phase.




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